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The Voice of Albertans with Disabilities actively promotes full participation in society and provides a voice for Albertans with disabilities.

The VOICE of Albertans with Disabilities August 2017

Accessible Hotels in Alberta
   Voice of Albertans with Disabilities has completed the Creating Accessible Hotels in Alberta project which includes sections on Current Practice, Accessibility Tools and Recommendations for Action.   We thank the 162 Albertans with disabilities and 40 hotel managers who provided input into this project.
   The full and summary reports can be viewed on our website under the What We Do - Projects and Research tab.
Voting: Step by Step
Before voting.
   Find your voting station on your Where to Vote card (delivered to your homes in early October 2017) or use the Where to Vote tool on the Elections website of your city.
   Identify a piece of authorized identification to bring to the voting station. Your identification must confirm your name and current residential address.
After entering the voting station
Step 1 Present your authorized identification.
An election worker will assist you with registration.
You will receive a ballot.
Step 2 Go to a voting booth and mark your ballot.
You are able to mark one candidate for mayor, ward councillor, and school board trustee.
Mark your ballot by filling in the oval beside the name of the candidate of your choice.
Step 3 Take your ballot to the tabulator and deposit it into the ballot box.
You have voted! If you require assistance at any time during this process, speak to an election worker at the voting station. They are there to help you make it happen!
Elections and Census Office
16304 - 114 Avenue,
Edmonton, Alberta, T5M 3R8
780-442-VOTE (8683)
Twitter: @ElectionCensus
Elections & Census Office
1103 55 Ave NE, Calgary
403-476-4100 (option 2)
 A Life Full of Adventure, Love, and Heartache. . .
   Ever wonder what life is like for someone who was born with developmental delays? Maybe you have a new baby who has Down Syndrome and you are wondering about their potential? This book was born when the author went to hear a writer-in-residence speak at her local library. Two days later, she announced she was going to write a book about her life.  A life full of adventure, love, and heartache. Her family knew better than to try and stop her.
Mackenzie Meyer Book Launch
Date:  Oct. 14, 2017  
Time:  11 am - 2 pm
Program at approximately 11:30 am
Snacks for all, book reading and signing.
Goodwill Store
130 Athabascan Avenue
Sherwood Park, AB T8A 4E3
I Believe You:

Three Simple Words that can Heal and End Sexual Assault
  What if survivors of sexual assault felt safe and comfortable telling a friend or family member about what happened to them? What if they felt confident that they would not be shamed or blamed? What if they knew that they would be believed? What if their friends and family encouraged them to seek help to recover from the trauma they had experienced? What if their friends and family directed them to a place where they could consider their options and make an informed choice about seeking justice?
   This was the vision that the Association of Alberta Sexual Assault Services (AASAS) had two years ago when they conceived  “I Believe You” – a province-wide public awareness campaign aimed at educating Albertans how very important it is to give a positive response to a disclosure of sexual assault.
   They stress throughout the campaign that they are not inviting responders to play judge and jury. Many responders feel like they need “the facts” before they can respond by believing. They feel they need to determine guilt or innocence. We want to let the public know that’s not the role of friends or family – that is for our justice system to decide and currently only 5% of sexual assault survivors in Canada access the criminal justice system. We fully support due diligence and due process however we feel the best first step toward discovering truth and finding justice is to start by believing.
   For the past two years #IBelieveYou has been sweeping across Alberta - the total online reach of the campaign last year was 6,464,395.  The campaign is inclusive with an understanding that all genders can be victims of sexual abuse and sexual assault; that rates of reported sexual assault are more than three times higher for indigenous women than non-indigenous; and that people with disabilities are at 150% greater risk of sexual assault than people without disabilities.
   They know they are making a difference. They asked Leger research to poll 1000 Albertans and ask them what they would say if someone disclosed sexual assault to them. Of those who said they would know what to say to a sexual assault survivor, the number who would give a positive response (I’m sorry that happened, it’s not your fault) went up from 21% to 66% pre- and post-campaign. Respondents who would use the specific phrase “I believe you” increased by 1% to 12%. And they were excited to discover that this year, reports of sexual assault to police in Calgary increased by 20%, and Calgary Police Service pointed to #IBelieveYou as a contributing factor.
   Launching on September 11, this year they will be asking Albertans to contribute through social media - a picture, message, drawing, or song - to post to a province-wide “#IBelieveYou” digital mosaic. Post-secondary institutions will have graffiti walls to voice their messages on. Anyone can share a message of support and Albertans will be able to watch the digital mosaic fill with messages throughout the life of the campaign.
   With the help of committed partners, the 28 post-secondary institutions in Alberta, Pattison, Bell and Corus/Shaw, we will make sure that Albertans understand the power of an “I Believe You” response.
Find out how to add your voice:
Website: ibelieveyou.info
Instagram: @aasas_ab
Twitter: @aasasmembership
FB: facebook.com/Association-of-Alberta-Sexual-Assault-Services-385453678169704/
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