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An Inventory of Training Materials 2004

In 2002, the Alberta Committee of Citizens with Disabilities (ACCD) completed a research project that examines the issue of violence against women with disabilities in Alberta. As a part of that project, we interviewed women with disabilities, victim services staff, women’s shelter directors, counsellors, caregivers, and many other front-line workers. Through these interviews, we learned that many people with disabilities, their advocates, and front- line workers felt they did not have adequate access to training/awareness-raising materials that raise awareness about violence against women/people with disabilities. They felt the materials they were using were out of date, more relevant to non-disabled individuals, or not readily obtainable.

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Raising Instructor Awarness 2003

September 2003 - Projects and Research

We know that individuals with disabilities are pursuing post-secondary training in growing numbers. The National Educational Association of Disabled Students (NEADS) reports, “With this growth comes an increasing need for awareness among faculty and staff with respect to the accommodation of students with disabilities in the classroom.” ACCD has coordinated the development of instructor awareness-raising workshop materials. Students with disabilities shared insights and experiences, and contributed to developing the content.

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Violence Against Women with Disabilities, Break the Silence! 2002

Early in 1999, the Alberta Committee of Citizens with Disabilities (ACCD) received a phone call asking if we could assist a woman with a disability who was being abused in her home. The caller had received a request from a neighbour of the woman being abused. The neighbour believed that the victim, who was in a wheelchair, was being repeatedly abused by her caregivers. The police had been called and had visited the home, but the woman remained in her home and the abuse continued. When ACCD asked the caller about her role in the situation, she said she was calling from Social Services, that she received these types of calls “all the time,” and that she didn’t know where to turn for assistance. Shortly after receiving this phone call from Social Services, ACCD met with Status of Women Canada to propose a project that would examine the issue of violence against women with disabilities. Through this project we hope to address the specific safety needs of women with disabilities who live independently in Alberta.

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Violence Against Women with Disabilities Brochures 2002

In the Violence Against Women with Disabilities project, ACCD found that women with disabilities who live independently in the community, outside of institutionalized settings, face a specific set of personal safety issues. While the women identified many areas of need, they emphasized the importance of educating women with disabilities and their personal support systems in recognizing, addressing, and becoming aware of the issue of violence in the lives of women with disabilities. The purpose of this project was to develop five educational brochures regarding women with disabilities and violence.

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