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The Voice of Albertans with Disabilities actively promotes full participation in society and provides a voice for Albertans with disabilities.

What We Do

Education and Awareness

VAD is dedicated to educating individuals, organizations, legislators, schools, decision-makers, airport personnel and employers about disability-related issues. We aim to dispel the myths that hinder persons with disabilities from participating fully in society.

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Projects and Research

VAD recognizes that we, as persons with disabilities, know our situations best. That is why we interview, consult and meet with people with disabilities during all stages of our projects and research. Through these undertakings, we educate decision-makers and the general public on issues that are important to people with disabilities.

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Collaborations and Partnerships

VAD’s motto “Together we hold the power” reflects our commitment to developing dynamic partnerships with like-minded organizations and individuals. We offer an experienced, responsible and effective voice on numerous disability-related initiatives.

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Support and Referral

Every year, VAD fields hundreds of questions about Alberta’s disability-related issues, programs and services. We do our best to respond to these questions and to refer individuals to the appropriate organization or government department.

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Bursaries and Awards

Each year, VAD awards Education for Life bursaries, the Elsa Marie Lodewyk Memorial Bursary, the Certificate of Recognition for Academic Achievement and the Council of Canadians with Disabilities Award.

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