GUEST POST: Don’t Let a Disability Stand in the Way of Parenting and Entrepreneurship

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Don’t Let a Disability Stand in the Way of Parenting and Entrepreneurship

While you may have learned to overcome your disability to enjoy everything around you and perhaps even parent, starting a business brings about its share of challenges — especially if you have extra physical or cognitive hurdles to overcome. Read on for steps from Voice of Albertans with Disabilities to take to help you start a business while parenting.

Think About Finances First

As you’re beginning a company, look at your finances first. Do you have enough saved cash to invest in your desired business without harming your household? Will you need to look for investors, loans, or grants? Do you have enough spare cash to rely on as you get your business off the ground?

You may find grants to help you start a business through the provincial government of Alberta and national government programs. There are also private organisations that may offer grants. Look into your options before you start using all your savings or taking out loans.

Consider the option of having a partner. This person could invest financially as well to ease some of the burdens on you. It might also help to have a partner who can handle physical or cognitive tasks when you’re unable to.

Simplify Business Management

You have enough going on in your life at the moment and don’t need to complicate opening a business any more than you have to. Find ways to make managing your business easier and less daunting a task. For instance, rather than handling all of your finances yourself, put your accounting software to work for you. When you choose the right program, you may be able to store receipts, which will benefit you come tax time. You’ll have everything you need in one place.

Plus, some software will let you complete your payroll and send invoices. You’ll then have the bulk of what you need to manage your finances in one place. Plus, when the info is convenient to access, you can monitor your cash flow and make smart business decisions based on the numbers.

Hire Help When Necessary

When you try to handle too much, you might drop the colour ball. And oftentimes, you aren’t impressing anyone trying to be a jack-of-all-trades. Instead, customers may become frustrated when you can’t address their needs in a timely manner or to their liking. The quality of your services or products may suffer as a result. In the end, you may be spending more money to try to repair the damage.

Consider your strengths and weaknesses. Hire one or more staff members to complete what you don’t excel at or don’t have time to handle. For instance, let’s say you aren’t mathematically inclined. Perhaps you have trouble focusing that interferes with your ability to concentrate and complete payroll and taxes. You could hire an accountant or a computer-savvy personal assistant to handle this for you.

Another idea to consider is outsourcing some business functions. For example, there are several companies providing lead gen services at reasonable rates. A lead generation company can provide your business with valuable sales leads, leaving your in-house team to do what they do best. Outsourcing this kind of business function leaves you with a leaner, more efficient business.

Make Business Ownership Achievable

The right people and programs can help you achieve business ownership as a busy parent trying to overcome the challenges associated with a disability. For more disability resources, visit Voice of Albertans with Disabilities today!