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AISH increase 2018

VAD is happy to celebrate with individuals with disabilities the long overdue call for the indexing for AISH. An Act to Combat Poverty and Fight for Albertans with Disabilities has been introduced to legislation. If passed, Bill 26 would increase core and supplementary benefits for AISH, going up each year to keep up with inflation, as measured by the Consumer Price Index.

The bill increases the maximum monthly core benefit rate for a single person covered by AISH to $1,685 from $1,588. If passed, Bill 26 would take effect Jan. 1, 2019. The legislation would mark the first increase to AISH benefits since 2012. The legislation would increase savings limits to match general eligibility criteria for AISH.  

AISH Increase 2018

AISH Employment Income Exception Calculation Examples 2019

Update on Changes to Ride Transit Program Edmonton

The reinstatement for people on AISH to pay for their transit pass through pre-authorized bank withdrawal and to receive the pass by mail comes into effect for the August Pass. Data from the City of Edmonton indicates that 767 have enrolled as of June 26th and will receive their transit pass in the mail in August. As of July 5th, 908 people have registered for mailout of passes for September. The mailout for September is July 26th so if you know of people who are interested in receiving the pass by mail encourage them to get the application and Pre-Authorization Withdrawal completed. The forms are available on the Voice of Albertans Website, links below.

Thanks again for your support of the advocacy that took place to make this change happen.

Terms and Conditions - Pre-Authorized Debit (PAD)


Ride Transit Pass Edmonton Now Available for AISH Recipients through the Mail

Voice of Albertans with Disabilities wants to thank the Individuals and Organizations who brought their voice forward to the City of Edmonton outlining the difficulties introduced by the pass distribution process of the Ride Transit Program. Your voice has made a difference. The many letters of concern, phone calls, meetings with City Council Members and organized presentations by Voice of Albertans to the Accessibility Advisory Committee and City Council has been heard.

Thank you to Edmonton City Council for listening and directing the reinstatement for people on AISH to pay for their transit pass through pre-authorized bank withdrawal and to receive the pass by mail.

Information is being mailed to approx. 6,700 AISH applicants on May 28-29 introducing the changed process and how to apply. The following links will take you to the information on the change and how to access the pre-authorization and monthly mail out for Ride Transit Passes. Pass this notice on so individuals and families can watch for this welcome news.

Changes to Ride Transit Pass Letter


Together we hold the power! Get involved with VAD and make a difference. We have a number of active groups and committees moving forward inclusion and accessibility for all. Call 780-488-9088.