Choose a Meaningful Career Path: #WorkForNonProfits

Choose a Meaningful Career Path: #WorkForNonProfits

July 16th, 2020

Alberta’s non-profit sector is passionate, vibrant, and diverse, offering unique opportunities to grow, advance, and make a lasting impact. Put your skills to work for Alberta’s communities. - Volunteer Alberta

Did you know: 176,000 Albertans work at over 25,000 non-profits and charitable organizations in the province? And the non-profit/volunteer sector contributes $9.6 billion in revenue to the Alberta economy. (Source) This summer, Voice of Albertans with Disabilities, in partnership with EmployAbilities, Plan Edmonton and other non-profit organizations, is launching a campaign highlighting some of the many benefits of working in the non-profit sector. This initiative aims to help Albertans deciding on a career or making a career change, to consider the non-profit sector as a viable path that provides meaningful work and typically offers more work-life balance.“You can have a lucrative wage, a lucrative life, nice offices, non-profit has that balance,” says Margot Brunner, Executive Director of Voice of Albertans with Disabilities. “To me it’s not a job. I see the impact that we make,” says Bean Gill, Executive Director of the ReYu Paralysis Recovery Centre.

From July 20 to August 2, 2020, Voice of Albertans with Disabilities will be sharing the stories of those who #WorkForNonProfits through videos, images and statistics that aim to bring attention to what a meaningful career path the non-profit industry can be! We encourage you to join the conversation as well and share what you love about working for non-profits on social media using the hashtag #WorkForNonProfits.“There’s so many different careers that you can choose from in the non-profit sector,” says Jason Loewer, Executive Director of EmployAbilities. 

We love this work and think you will too! If you’re about to begin your career, or are ready for a change, consider choosing a meaningful career in the non-profit sector.If you’d like to learn more about working for non-profits or the voluntary sector, take a look at these resources:

Watch the campaign videos and feel free to share any of our #WorkForNonProfits campaign assets listed here: