Holiday Time

Holiday Time

June 15th, 2018

Going on holidays is a yearly planning conversation for me and my daughter who lives with an intellectual disability.

Holidays are a highly important event in her life. It has always been time with family for us at William Watson Lodge in the heart of Kananaskis Country. The excellent accessibility of this facility has offered our family the opportunity to visit the whispering pine country, to hike, fish, enjoy the scenery and fireplace. All these things are unimportant to her.

She has made it very clear to me in the past few years that her choice is a trip to Banff to eat, shop and visit the hot springs. This year she has invited her friends to go with her, another choice made on her own.  Although I will miss my trip this year to the whispering pines, I applaud her initiative and the decision making she has made on her own. 

She is anticipating with great excitement this trip to Banff  which holds the bigger attractions for her!  It’s wonderful to have friends to share holidays with instead of only family, an option far too few individuals with disabilities will have in their lifetime.