Accessibility Resources



Federal Grant, Three levels for funding (tip: get a youth coordinator or two!)

Provincial Grant, two different grants, one being specific to municipal governments


Website Resources

Website Accessibility statement generator. Have web developers go through this checklist and it will automatically generate a statement on the accessibility of your website to post. You also will be aware of changes needed to update accessibility to your website

Download this Google Chrome Extension. When you click the extension on any website, it will generate a report that explains where the website doesn’t meet the standards of the “Website Content Accessibility Guidelines” (WCAG 2.0)


Ontario’s Municipality guidelines

Take a look at how Ontario has presented the guidelines to municipalities, and the general timelines they have to get a better sense of what will be expected in the future. Then get ahead of it!


For any questions on any of these resources, or if you’re looking for more information on anything specific please email, or call 780-488-9088 and ask for Sam