Bill C-81 Accessible Canada Act

Bill C-81, the Accessible Canada Act has passed in the House of Commons with unanimous support. Final step, Royal Assent!

May 30, 2019, Bill C-81, the Accessible Canada Act has passed in the House of Commons with unanimous support. This historic vote has happened during Accessibility Week, a great day for everyone in Canada. ISL, ASL and LSQ are recognized as the languages of the Deaf people of Canada.   

Library of Parliament: This enactment enacts the Accessible Canada Act in order to enhance the full and equal participation of all persons, especially persons with disabilities, in society. This is to be achieved through the realization, within the purview of matters coming within the legislative authority of Parliament, of a Canada without barriers, particularly by the identification, removal and prevention of barriers.  

Tool Kit:

Info on Legislation

Legal Analysis of ACA

Summary of the Bill

Initial Observations made by CCD

FALA's Plain Language Explanation of the Proposed Accessible Canada Act:

Actions taken by VAD

Open Letter - Bill C-81

Supporters of the open letter:

  • Kathleen Biersdorff - Alberta Disability Workers Association
  • Jesse Orjasaeter
  • Alexandra Long - SAIPA
  • Sahana Parameswara -  Gateway Association
  • Ermira Kusari -  Cerebral Palsy Association in Alberta
  • Mary-Noah Ndateramye
  • Mike Lake MP
  • Deb Murray - CARS
  • Kathy Makin  - Champions Career Centre

VAD letter to Federal Members of Parliament in Alberta

Contact the MPs in Albert

VAD letter to Senators in Alberta

Alberta Senator Contacts

  • Doug Black, Independent
  • Senator Patti LaBoucane-Benson, Independent
  • Senator Paula Simons, Independent
  • Senator Scott Tannas, Conservative
  • Senator Elaine McCoy, Independent
  • Senator Grant Mitchell, Non-affiliated

Get Involved: 

Listed below are 4 tools that you and your organization can use to talk to others about the legislation 1)  Ideas for Information to Share on Bill C-81: the Accessible Canada Act


This document outlines key elements you could use when talking about the draft Accessible Canada Act. This is an outline that you can personalize with examples and pick and choose which sections you want to cover in your talk or presentation.


This material could be used to prepare for a meeting or presentation with staff, students, community groups and/or the media.

Bill c-81 An act to ensure a barrier free Canada

2) Send a letter to your Member of Parliament

Send a letter /email to your member of parliament

3) Get Others Involved


This is a short little video that tells people that Bill C-81 has been drafted and how they could get involved to have their voice heard.


This is a small piece of information that is designed to get people interested and perhaps involved.

You could post this on facebook and encourage others to share it with their networks.

4) Short Video Clip on Bill C-81 


This is a 6 minute interview that was done with Meloney Patterson and Zachery Weeks with CTV. It gives a good description of the current issues faced by person with disabilities, the potential of Bill C-81 and some of the areas that could be improved in the Draft.


Good educational Tool for yourself

Could be a clip that is put in a presentation/powerpoint


This link is the full CTV news show. You need to search for the interview of Bill C-81 which occurs at the 33 minute mark of the show.