Government Relations

Contact the Alberta Advocate for Persons with Disabilities

Alberta's Advocate for Persons with Disabilities

The Advocates name is Tony Flores, learn more about the Advocate at or call 1-800-272-8841.

Contact Your MLA and MP

Connect with government officials to help build and foster positive relationships.

Find your Provincial MLA

Find your federal MP

Tips for talking to your government official.

  • Consider yourself an information source. You have first hand knowledge of your issue;
  • Make the official aware of personal connections you share, no matter how insignificant they seem;
  • Be on time, be organized, and be concise;
  • Be courteous and thank them for their time and hard work;
  • Be flexible and expect changes – elected officials have unpredictable schedules;
  • Stay on message and anticipate their reaction and questions;
  • Give specific examples of how the issue affects you, your business, and your staff; and
  • Follow up on the meeting with a thank you note and any additional information they requested.

Register to Vote!  

You will need your Alberta Driver’s License or Identification Card to access the system.