Working Groups

Voice of Albertans with Disabilities follows the leadership of their organizational and individual members. Members identify areas in which action is required and groups are set up to examine the issue, provide guidance on the approach and take action towards resolution.

Staff Retention Through Innovation

The Staff Retention Through Innovation focuses their work on research and action to support attracting and maintaining a vibrant, well-trained and fairly paid workforce in the pan-disability sector. The work is aligned with actions undertaken by the broader non-profit sector strategies to address workforce issues. Currently this group is working with the NAIT B-TECH program on a capstone project for students.

Voices Working Group

This is a Board directed working group working on showcasing the Voices of Alberta's disabled community with testimonials and stories.  This working group is the sponsor for the NAIT capstone project that is starting is September and working on Campus 2030 - an initiative to make the campus more inclusive through the eyes of students.  The working group is also working on creating a podcast for community testimonials and stories from individuals with lived experiences.

Community Engagement Working Group

This is a Board directed working group working towards municipal and community events that shape the disability sector - such as elections, National Accessibility Awareness Week, and inclusive communities.

VAD is involved in many other working groups as part of committees and forums.  For more information about VAD working group contributions, call 780-488-9088.