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Winterizing Alberta

#WinterizingAlberta  #AccessibleWinters

#WinterizingAlberta Letter

In winter, not everyone travels with a snow removal robot. Please clear your sidewalk of snow so people can get home.

Not everyone has family to help with grocery shopping or friends that can help shovelling in winter. Please be aware of who your neighbours are and check up on them.

Not everyone with a disability drives a mountain climbing vehicle or carry mountain climbing gears.  Please clear the snow in the disabled parking stalls.

Not everyone brings bodyguards when they go out.  Please clear the snow on the ramp so everyone can access the facility.


  • Volunteer Appreciation Week
    April 18 -24, 2021
  • Spring Forum  - TBD
  • Accessibility Week
    National Accessibility
    Week May 30 - June 5, 2021 
  • Education for Life Bursary


We have our top 3 video contest winners as voted by you the public.

The winner in first place: Olds Association for Community Living with their video STRONGER TOGETHER. Charity chosen is: Special Olympics Olds & District.

Second place: Reasons to Smile at Winnifred Stewart Association, submitted by Winnifred Stewart Association. Charity chosen is: Winnifred Stewart Foundation

Third place: EmployAbilities is here to help!, submitted by EmployAbilities. Charity chosen is: EmployAbilities

Thank you to everyone that submitted a video, we are pleased with the virtual interaction that these videos brought for National Accessibility Awareness Week. Each of the winning videos will receive $1000 towards the charity of their choice as listed. Follow this link to see video submissions:


Check out our first video produced by VAD:

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