Accessible Driver Appreciation Week – 2nd Week of November

Accessible Driver Appreciation Week


The purpose of Accessible Driver Appreciation Week is to show appreciation towards drivers and dispatchers and make noise surrounding the accessible transportation industry.  We will be able to increase awareness about the need for and support of accessible transportation as well as it will help us move towards advocating for increases in funding, driver training and an overall improved service.

Tools below:

  • Sample News Release
  • Event and Idea List
  • Sample Proclamation

Sample New Release

<Contact Name>


<Organization Name>

<Phone Number>

<Cell Number>


For Immediate Release:

<Organization Name> Celebrates Annual Accessible Driver Appreciation Week

<Organization Name> will show their appreciation for accessibility drivers and dispatchers during Annual Accessible Driver Appreciation Week on <day, date and time>. The appreciation, which will be held at <location>, is to celebrate the people who drive and schedule accessible transportation and let them know that they are appreciated.

It is through the daily work of Accessible Drivers and Dispatchers that many people are able to live, work and play in our communities on a daily basis. This event will thank drivers and dispatchers for their welcoming manner, professional driving skills, and the organization of complicated scheduling demands.

The work of accessible drivers and dispatchers is essential to support the full participation of persons with disabilities in society.

Accessible Driver Appreciation Week is a great opportunity for individuals with lived experience to show our community what an indispensable and necessary service these individuals provide.

For more information about this event, contact <name> at (XXX) XXX-XXXX. For more information about <Organization name>, visit <URL>.



Event & idea list

  1. Share the poster on social media (during the second week of November) along with a shout out to those making accessible transportation possible.
  2. Provide coffee and/or treats for the drivers. Consider delivering coffee and/or treats to your corresponding accessible transportation provider to ensure everyone’s safety.
  3. Encourage your clients to let their drivers know that their services are much appreciated – provide Thank You cards.
  4. Send a news release to local news outlets for inclusion about your event


Sample Proclamation

Sample Proclamation

WHEREAS accessible drivers and dispatchers in the community is an essential part of the Alberta spirit, and

WHEREAS it is even more in evidence that Alberta’s greatest natural resource is its people, and

WHEREAS accessibility drivers and dispatchers show every day through their actions that they truly care about their communities and the people who live in them, and

WHEREAS the persons with disabilities are increasingly recognized as a vital component in building strong communities, and

WHEREAS we continue to rely on the efforts of accessible drivers and dispatchers to assist those who live with a disability to enrich our community and our province,

THEREFORE let us honour and thank those accessible drivers and dispatchers in our community who share their time, energy, knowledge, and abilities by proclaiming November 7 – 12, 2021, Accessible Driver Appreciation Week in (town/city). In so doing, I, (Name & Title) call upon all citizens to acknowledge the vital role our accessibility drivers and dispatchers play within our community.

(signature, date)



Accessible Driver Appreciation Week Poster - November 8-12, 2021

2020 Proclamation by Mayor of Edmonton