Did you know that VAD Society tracks all incoming support and referral phone calls and emails. During the reporting period of January to March 2024, VAD received a combined total of 391 phone calls, and emails into the office for support. All relevant information gathered is entered onto a spreadsheet for tracking purposes.

The majority of the phone calls we receive are from people inquiring about programs and services for people with disabilities (AISH, CPPD, DTC). We are able to either help directly (filling out forms and providing information), or we refer them to agencies and organizations whose work is relevant to the nature of the respective inquiry.

In this fiscal year VAD has had over 1835 telephone calls, and emails asking for support and referrals. During the reporting period, VAD had 132 in-person office visits, where most consultations involved assisting clients with applications for AISH, CPPD, and AISH Denial letters, and Disability Tax Credit forms. VAD offers support in the following areas:
□ AISH Application forms
□ CPPD forms
□ Leisure Access Pass forms
□ Personal Taxes – low income/simple taxes only
□ Disability Tax Credit forms
□ Old Age Security forms
□ Alberta Adult Health Benefit forms
□ Accessibility Coordination
□ Education & Awareness presentations
□ Referrals to other organizations.

The VAD website provides information about VAD activities and programs and services available to persons with disabilities in Alberta. VAD had high of 2735 website sessions during this reporting period. Our newsletter generates a large push to our website with a high of 1929 users between January and March. VAD’s website is accessible and interactive and our analytics have shown an increase in website usage since the launch of the new site. We also have seen an increase in the contacts from the website, including online bookings, membership renewals, accessibility requests and presentation requests.

VAD continues to grow in our social media with our followers. 60 Twitter followers (this number dropped when they changed to X), 2853 Facebook likes, 1250 LinkedIn Connections, 1012 Instagram followers)

VAD organizational membership includes organizations that have paid to come together with a united voice on issues of importance to Albertans with disabilities. There are 28 organizational members and 10 corporate members to date. VAD shares information and collaborates with federal, provincial, and municipal government to affect positive changes in the lives of Albertans with disabilities. Our membership renewal date is March 31 each year. VAD is currently in the renewal phase of the membership drive for 2024/25 fiscal year, to date we have 72 iVAD members. Membership fees help offset the costs of our support services, accessibility assessments, and a movement to full inclusion for individuals in the province of Alberta.

VAD has transitioned meetings to a both virtual formats, using Zoom for most interactions and meeting engagements, and in person when acceptable. This has allowed for a more diverse attendance at meetings with the option of offering closed captions with the increased need for accessibility and inclusion.