Become a VAD BOD!

A board of directors is an independent governing body of VAD. Those who serve on the board are elected by shareholders (aka the individuals and entities that have investment in the organization – VAD Members) to help to oversee its strategy and make decisions. The members of a board are tasked with giving organizational leaders advice and representing the shareholders’ best interests. Their job is to be of service in a way that’s consistent with the goals and values of the company.

1. Safeguard the interests of the shareholders.
Board members are responsible for protecting the interests of the stakeholders. All board members ensure that organizations have good governance. This looks like treating employees and volunteers fairly, and spending the money it raises in ways that are consistent with its mission and bylaws.

2. Ensure that the leadership is right for the job.
Board members are responsible for the functionality of the senior leadership team at the company or organization were they serve. The board also ensures that the company has a succession plan to replace them (even on an interim basis) if necessary.

3. Show commitment.
The commitment to serve on a board means showing up for meetings, as attendance is taken. The VAD board meets monthly; in between these larger meetings, it’s common for smaller committees with more specific responsibilities — like reviewing the company’s governance, compensation structure, and so on — to meet throughout the year and report to the full board at the monthly meetings.

Materials for board meetings are usually provided ahead of time, and board members are expected to have read all the information in advance and be ready to engage in discussions. These discussions occur between fellow board members and the company’s leadership team. They’re opportunities for board members to ask questions and share their advice and perspectives. The more informed a board member is, the more robust and meaningful the discussion becomes.

The board is responsible for the highest level of decision-making and legal authority in an organization. Governing boards have responsibility for:
Purpose, by establishing and implementing the organization’s mission and vision;
Continuity, by providing continuity for managing and implementing the organizations affairs;
Progress, by setting the rate of progress that the organization takes in reaching its mission and vision;
Identity, by securing the community support and appreciation for the organization’s objects, beliefs, vision, mission, and long-term direction.

VAD is seeking Board of Director volunteers for the upcoming 2024 to 2026 term. Elections will be held at the VAD AGM on June 1, 2024. VAD would like to have individuals that meet the qualifications and desire to take VAD into the future with a definitive direction and committed volunteers join our board. Interested in becoming a VAD BOD member? Send your resume with contact information to and the current board will contact you with more information about the selection process.

Ending in 2024:
□ Bernard Boulanger – Grand Prairie -Term 2
□ Sean Crump – Calgary – Term 2

Ending in 2025:
□ Katrina Breau – St Albert – Term 3 (Final Term)
□ Valeria Palladino – Edmonton – Term 2
□ Koryn Krekoski – Fort McMurray – Term 2
□ Scott Douglas –Stettler – Term 1

To be voted in:
□ Mieke de Groot – Grand Prairie
□ Bob Farley – Calgary
□ Dom Shaw – Calgary
□ Andrew Green – Fort McMurray

□ Mark Lantkew, Phd – Calgary